Putt Now, Wine Later Mallet Putter Cover

$20.95 20.95


UPDATED DESIGN & MAGNETIC CLOSURE! Add some fun to your golf bag with these one-of-a-kind Giggle Golf Putter Covers! This Putt Now, Wine Later design fits standard mallet putters. It has a comfortable, silk, velvet Neri lining on the inside, and a PU Synthetic leather shell, that is embroidered. The front side features a glass of red and white wine, with grapes, and says, "Putt Now, Wine Later." The back side says, "Wine? Wine Not?," on the magnetic strap. The back side also says, "Pairs Well With Pars." The side of the putter cover says, "Nice Grapes." The dimensions are approximately 4.75" x 5.50" x 1.25".

It makes a great tournament prize, or golf accessory for the wine lover in your golf group!