I Only Have 20 Beads Golf Towel With Golf Counting Beads

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The I Only Have 20 Beads golf towel is 15” x 22”, 1.7 lbs/dozen. It has a sheared microfiber polyester face, and reverses to a sheared microfiber polyester nap. This full color golf towel features a corner grommet & hook. It is the perfect size to hang on your golf bag, or bring up with you to the green. The design features a female golfer with two bead counters on her belt, and says, "I Only Have 20 Beads!"
 This towel comes with one golf abacus that is great for helping keep track of your strokes. Simply slide a bead down after each stroke then count them up at the end of each hole. It can attach to your belt or golf bag. You can choose one of the three golf abacus color options: red, pink, or yellow.

It is a funny golf gift for the golfer that has everything!