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Tournament Planning

PICK A THEME, ANY THEME! Let us help you find a fun theme for your next golf tournament; from staff favorites, to blog post suggestions, below is a list of tournament themes. Once you select your theme, be sure to check out the tabs Customizable Golf Tournament Gifts Section and Golf Tournament Gifts & Theme Idea. We are always looking to add new themes, so if you see one we are missing, please let us know! Call us at 1-877-444-4536 or send us an email:

9 Shades Of Green / 18 Shades of Green / 50 Shades Of Green / 50 Shades Of Spring

A Day At The Fair-Way (Fair Theme)

A Womanís Place is on the Golf Course / Hear Me Roar

Age of Aquarius

Around The World In 18 Holes / Countries Around The World

Baseball Classic / Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Beach Party / Swinging On The Beach / Lifeís A Beach/ Hawaiian Par-Tee / Tropical

Beauty And The Beast

Black And White Classic

Breakfast At Tiffanyís

Chicks With Sticks

Chip For Charity

Christmas In July

Crazy Game of Golf

Cruisin For Par

Designer Outing (Shopping Theme) / Shopper Gals

Diamond In The Rough / Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Donít Worry, Tee Happy

Fiesta / Margaritas & Mulligans / Margaritaville / South Of The Border / Tee-quila Shots

Fore The Animals / Par-tee Animals

Friends Donít Let Friends 3 Putt / Friendship

Gals On The Green

Get In The Hole Bitch

Golf Diva / Divot Divas

Golf Fun Day/ Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Golf Through the Ages / The Roaring 20s (Or Substitute With A Different Decade)

Golf-shank Redemption

Hack & Wack

I Love Golf / For The Love Of Golf / Live Love Golf

Itís All About The Ninetieth Hole / Mar-tee-ni

Itís All About The Shoes

James Bond

Ladies Of Flight (Birdies & Eagles)

Letís Glow Golfing (Neon/Glow Theme)

Lets Get Pampered / Spa Day

Lifeís Better With Bubbles / Champagne Theme

Luck Of The Irish


May The Course Be With You

Never Never Land

Par On The Prairie

Pars Fore Pink / Pars Fore Charity / Pink Ribbon Golfer /Breast Cancer Awareness

Partners In Crime

Patriotic / Red, White And Bling / Red, White And Birdie / Olympics

Pearls Of Golf Wisdom

Puttiní On The Ritz

Queen For A Day / Queen Of The Green

Real Housewives of (Your City/Club Name Here)

Rock and Roll Around The Course

Run For The Roses / Kentucky Derby

Safari / Go Wild For Golf / Wild About Golf / Itís A Jungle Out There / Jungle Jane

Swing With Bling / Golf & Glitz

Swinging Down The Fairways

Swinging In The Rain

Swinging Through The Vineyards / Tuscany / Wine / Under The Tuscan Sun / Wine & Roses


Tee Party / Mad Hatter Tea Party/ Alice In Wonderland Theme

The Red Carpet / Oscar Theme / Come Along To The Movies / Hello Hollywood / Belles On Broadway

Under The Big Top (Circus) / The Circus Is Back In Town / Clowning Around

Under The Tuscan Sun

Valley Of The Flowers / Garden Party / Spring Into Golf / The Birdies and the Bees

Vegas / Poker / Casino / Lady Luck / What Happens On The Golf Course Stays On The Golf Course

Western / Wild Wild West Showdown / Rhinestone Cowgrirls

Whatís In Your Bag?

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Wizard Of Oz / Follow The Yellow Brick Road