Queen Of The Green Waffle Golf Towel & Tee Bag

$15.50 15.50


This combo includes a Queen Of The Green golf towel, and a tee bag with four wooden golf tees. New Towel Design & Material! This Queen Of The Green waffle golf towel is 15" x 24". It is a microfiber waffle pattern golf towel, with a carabiner clip to attach to your golf bag. The green golf towel design features a crown, and says, "Queen of the Green," and "If the crown fits..!" This fun tee bag is approximately 4.00" x 5.25". One side has a green crown and the other side has a pink crown. It is made of a lightweight, microfiber material, and comes with four 2.75" wooden golf tees that say, "Queen Of The Green." This clip on bag has a drawstring closure, and carabiner clip.