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EWGA Sticky Screen Cleaner

EWGA Sticky Screen Cleaner
Item# ewgasticky

EWGA Sticky Screen CleanerEWGA Sticky Screen Cleaner

Product Description

This is a perfect fun gift. Remove clear plastic backing and apply sticky side to the back of phone or other device. Remove and clean screen or lens as needed by rubbing the soft side of the microfiber cloth lightly over soiled surface in a circular motion until clean.
Rinsing in water restores adhesion as needed.
To clean the microfiber cloth, run under warm water and allow to dry.
This sticky screen cleaner can be used on phones, iPad, laptops, cameras, PDAs, video devices and portable music devices etc.
Miracle microfiber cleaning cloth can move oil, dirt and dust from screen or lens without scratching.
Plastic gel coating is an environmentally friendly material with reusable self-adhesive.